Service dog stolen inside of woman’s jeep by thief found and reunited with owner

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The Boston police reunited a service dog with her owner on Wednesday after her jeep was stolen on Tuesday morning. Sandra Denman was working for a contractor when she parked her car for a moment to speak to a co-worker.

According to 25News, it had been a normal day when Sandra stopped, but within two minutes her life had changed.  Her keys, phone and dog were all inside the car when someone hopped in and took off.

“What just happened? Number one. Number two is, who would do this? And number three is my service dog. I could care less about the car, but she’s everything to me,” Denman said.

Sandra’s dog, Lexi is a very important part of her life. She suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and suffers from complex PTSD and anxiety panic attack disorder; she relies on her dog very heavily.

Fortunately, Lexi was found and whoever stole her vehicle likely just let the dog out on the side of the road. Nevertheless, Denman is thankful her dog is fine.

The vehicle has not been found.




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