Service dog Darby goes viral as she repeatedly brings her mom juice to help control her diabetes

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A devoted and absolutely adorable pup named Darby has been helping her mom control her diabetes in times of need. Abbey Kames posted a Tik Tok video to showcase how Darby respects the seriousness of her job. The video has garnered more than one million views and 278,000 “likes.”

According to Kames, the video showed Darby retrieving juice and did so quickly just as she had been trained to do. In fact, Darby was so pleased with herself, that she decided to bring Abbey more juice. And of course, Abbey praised her quick thinking service dog even though she didn’t need two juices.

“She wanted to see if she could get more treats by giving me more juices.

Abbey posted on the Tik Tok video

All kidding aside, it did seem that Darby was very concerned with her mom’s welfare and bringing her juice was what Darby thought would make her healthy. Abbey had to reassure her dog that she didn’t need anymore juice and she was feeling fine. Reluctantly Darby stopped going to the kitchen to retrieve more juice, but didn’t venture far from her mom – you know – just in case.

This hasn’t been the first time Darby has come to Abbey’s rescue either. Check out this Tik Tok video too.

(Photos screenshots Tik Tok)

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