Senior shepherd clinging to her last puppy soon to need a home for her golden years

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For now this senior mother shepherd is being called Mama Maude; her story will break your heart, but will also give you hope.

She was found as a stray in New Mexico, and the Good Samaritans who found her, a puppy and another female dog presumed to be an older daughter of Maude, were given veterinarian care and showered with love and affection. The family loved the dogs, but knew they were overtaxed with too many dogs and wanted Maude and her family to find a home where they would be special.

Maude is thought to be over ten years old, and who can even guess how many litters she has produced? And here she is with her last puppy and has been extremely loving and attentive.

“Yes, she’s a senior, probably in double digits, but she’s been bombproof. Loves kids, people, dogs and has totally ignored cats. Heaven only knows how many litters she’s had. How many may have been taken from her or perished. She is so good and attentive to her last offspring.”

Shepherds Beyond Borders

Maude’s current foster home describes her as one of the sweetest dogs she has ever fostered, and she is housetrained.

The puppy is happy and healthy and is with her mother.

“Just since Maude is a senior wanted to get a jump start highlighting mama for adoption so the rescue would have a stack of great applications (hopefully) to sift through assuring she gets the best home for her golden years.”

Shepherds Beyond Borders

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