Senior pup’s entire life had been one of pain and torture, but six-months after surgery, rehab and lots of love, his new family adores him

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A senior dog had been hit by a car and left for days on the side of the road in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas; he had been waiting for death to stop his pain. Even more tragic, having been struck by a car was just another sad event in a long line of abuse throughout the dog’s life. The poor old guy had given up.

When found, the dog dubbed Arlo, had scars marking his neck from years of wearing a heavy chained collar. He had been shot, he had been hit, and he was emaciated. In addition he had an injury to his back, a broken tail, femur and you name it – Arlo had been through it all.

And now, worst of all, he had been dumped on the side of the road unable to walk or even stand. No one stopped to help him, but at least they brought him water and food. Fortunately one person eventually did stop to help.

Fast forward – it took six months to help Arlo recover. He underwent surgery, his tail had to be amputated, he learned to walk again and finally when he had gained back most of his strength, he underwent heartworm treatment.

No, Arlo was far from perfect, and he had spent most of his time at Lake Area Animal Hospital because no one wanted to take a chance on an old dog. He had already been returned twice by foster homes; his future looked dim.

“Thursday he left on transport. I’ll be honest. It was a hard transport for him …. and Greg Menkins went above and beyond to keep him comfortable and eating. Greg had him in the cab with him the whole way, and even had to syringe feed him a few times. It was a nail biter for all of us.

But this morning I woke up to this video. Arlo on the beach …. living his best life. His new family adores him. They don’t mind he’s not perfect. In fact, they love and adore him just because he isn’t perfect.”

Leslie Hennings – one of Arlo’s rescuers

Many thanks to the Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue for making miracles. Many thanks to Alex Lovett Woodsum for finding Arlo a wonderful home. Many thanks to Dr. Stark and his staff at Lake Area Animal Hospital for taking such good care of Arlo until his day finally arrived!

Help make more miracles happen. To donate to Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue, please click here.

Check out Arlo’s beach video this morning:

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