Senior pup in Baltimore left behind with sad note when house sold has happy ending

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A project manager in Baltimore headed over to a just sold home about to start renovations for the new owners on Tuesday. Unbeknown to the crew in charge of the remodeling job, a senior dog had been left behind. The previous owners left a note asking the new buyers to help find a home for their 17-year-old dog.

The note read:

Our project manager Calvin knew he had to help this abandoned good boy, so he took him out to go potty and them gave him some treats for comfort. In the meantime, I posted in our realtor group for help.

BARCS Animal Shelter Facebook

It wasn’t long before the community in Baltimore came together to help this sweet old guy.

Without hesitation, the amazing Jamie Walker volunteered to come pick him up and get him over to BARCS Animal Shelter, who welcomed him to a warm bed. Q seems to have loved his time time with Jamie (look at that smile) and hopefully will be living out his final days with nothing but love and comfort!

BARCS Animal Shelter Facebook

Many thanks to everyone who helped Q. Indeed, this is the kind of compassion that helps our animal friends who are not able to speak for themselves.

Rescuers and BARCS Animal Shelter have decided to keep Q’s name the same, and he is available for adoption.

For more information on how you can foster, adopt, volunteer or donate, please click here.

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