Senior dog survives repeated stabbings in brutal attack – police want to find person responsible

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A small, senior dog managed to survive a brutal attack last week that left him with broken bones and deep wounds from repeated stabbings. The grievously injured Chihuahua was found at a park near an elementary school last Wednesday – a resident who found the dog assumed that he was deceased and reached out to the Inland Valley Humane Society and SPCA for assistance.

The animal control officer who responded found a small crowd around the dog, and discovered that the dog was still alive, though seriously hurt. The officer observed “many, apparently deliberate, slash wounds throughout its small, weak body.” According to a news release from the animal welfare agency, the dog also suffered broken ribs and bruised lungs, and had to undergo extensive surgery. Staff was worried that the dog might not survive, and described the situation as “touch and go” at times.

But the dog, whose name is Panchito, did survive and he has been returned to his owner, Arturo Guerra, who has been cleared of any implication in the crime. The authorities are hoping to find whoever is behind the vicious attack. Anyone with information is asked to call  909-623-9777.

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