Senior dog, missing for weeks, rescued from storm drain

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A senior German shepherd, missing from his home for approximately three weeks, was recently rescued from a storm drain in Mobile, Alabama. The City of Mobile Animal Services division shared the heartwarming rescue story with Facebook followers late last week.

Friday feel good! The dog’s name in this picture is Ignatius. He is 9 years old and was a wedding present to the couple in the photo. He has been missing for three weeks and the family had given up hope that they would ever find him again.

Fortunately, a good Samaritan reached out to animal services after hearing a dog’s bark for three-to-four days. The woman told animal services that she had finally determined that the barking was coming from a storm drain. Animal services described the difficult rescue situation:

It took 3 Animal Control Officers over two hours to get the dog out. They were in and out of the storm drain pipes trying to get this dog, but after an hour and a half, they were contemplating the possibility of not being able to get him out tonight. 

Describing how a bit of sleuthing, and the help of familiar voices, eventually resulted in success:

The dog looked familiar to one of the ACOs and she looked on Pawboost, a lost and found website for pets, and found a picture of a dog that looked like him. The ACO contacted the owner and they came down to meet them. After another 30-40 minutes of trying to locate him in the underground tunnels, he finally responded to his owners’ voices and found his way back to one of the entrances. At that moment, they were able to pull him out.

According to the animal welfare team, the owners were “ecstatic” and crying with joy to be reunited with their beloved German shepherd.

Great work!

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