Senior dog ‘Bentley’ wants a home for Christmas and he has waited at shelter for over 650 days so far

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A senior dog named Bentley is hoping that someone will take him home for the holidays this year. The nine-year-old dog has waited a very long time for a home of his own…over 650 days in fact. According to the staff at the Pennsylvania SPCA, Bentley is getting depressed at the facility. And who could blame him? Living at an animal shelter is nothing like living in a home.

This week, the shelter issued a plea on the homeless dog’s behalf, writing a letter to Santa from Bentley’s perspective:

“Dear Santa,

I’m certain that you remember me, I’d like to think that I’m unforgettable! I know I asked a huge favor of you last year and I’m sure it just got overlooked. I’m going to try again this year. My heart really wants a forever home. I’ve been waiting for almost 650 days for a person to realize how special I am. I know I’m a good boy, my friends at the shelter tell me that all the time. But the truth is I am getting pretty depressed here at the shelter. Sure, I have friends, a bed and toys, but it’s not a home. It’s not a family.

And describing Bentley’s perfect home:

My ideal forever home would be quiet and have lots of my favorite treats, with a person or people who like to go for walks and don’t take life too seriously. I’m just looking for someone to love me and treat me kindly. Someone who will let me roll in the grass – it’s one of my favorite things to do! You can tell by my grey muzzle that I’m full of life experiences, and some were not so good. Luckily, my friends here have helped me learn how to have a good time and trust people again. I know I can be the best boy in a home too, Santa, so please remember me this year. I have waited so long. Thank you for reading my letter!

Bentley has waited for years. Will this finally be the month that someone decides that he is right for their home? Please share his story and help him find his perfect person. Find the shelter on Facebook at this link.

Shelter phone: (215) 426-6300

Shelter website here.

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