Senior ‘Abigail’ was abandoned in vacant home by her owners

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A beautiful “pumpkin face” senior dog dubbed Abigail is safe and sound at Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions in Illinois, after her former family moved out, leaving her alone in an empty house. On Wednesday, the animal welfare agency said:

This sweet pumpkin face is Abigail, an 8+ year old lab mix. Abigail’s family moved out of their house and left her behind. Just…left her. 

Thankfully, someone saw her looking out of the window and she was rescued before the unthinkable happened. Despite being abandoned, Abigail seems to have retained her sweet disposition. The rescue group said:

She’s at least 15 pounds underweight, and no one knows exactly how long she fended for herself, but she seems to hold no grudges as she is happy and loves meeting new people.

Abigail is not available for adoption yet – but she is safe and receiving the care and love that she deserves. Her rescuers said:

We’ll fatten this sweet girl up, spoil her silly while she’s with us and, when she’s ready, we’ll find her a loving family that will never let her down again. Welcome to Young at Heart, Abigail!

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