Security camera captures family dog taking golf cart for joy ride and crashing into a parked truck

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In Manitoba, Canada, the family dog who had just been banished from his favorite napping spot on a cushion on the deck of his home because he had an earlier encounter with a skunk, decided it was time to find another place to take a nap. Titan, the Mastiff doesn’t like the rain, so when the 10-year-old pooch ran for the cover of the family’s golf cart, everything didn’t go exactly as planned.

According to the Winnipeg News, Titan accidentally pushed the pedal and the cart drove in a circle, but not before hitting a parked truck. So now imagine when Mallory Kmet and her husband returned home and found someone had taken their golf cart for a joy ride. Who would have thought the culprit would have been Titan, but security footage from their home cameras ratted him out.

And even as angry as anyone could get, and we all suspect it was too funny to be angry, after Titan smashed the cart into the truck, he gingerly stepped out of the golf cart as if to inspect the damage before walking away.

Fortunately Titan was not injured, and the family was able to repair the minor damage to the truck. It does seem as if, however that Titan really does love going on rides in the golf cart which the family uses to move firewood. By the way, Titan still likes going for rides!

Check out the video:

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