Seaplane pilot does a “Dr. Dolittle” and talks huge grizzly bear into not attacking him or his tour group

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An Alaskan seaplane pilot was miraculously able to convince a huge grizzly bear not to attack him or the tour group he was guiding. A video of the pilot’s nerves of steel has gone viral and surpassed 12 million views on TikTok. Carol Sicilian had been visiting Katmai Park in King Salmon with two other couples and the captain.

“My seaplane captain said he walked that trail 1,000 times and has never seen anything like it! Honestly I am amazed I did not seem more scared, my first reaction was to look up at the sky and make sure that I was good with God, and to pray, and then I hit record on my phone.”

Carol Sicilian told Newsflash about her experience.

According to the New York Post, the video showed the grizzly approach the tourists who were standing still on the gravel path. At the same time, the Dr. Dolittle of the grizzlies spoke softly to the bear calling him “hey big boy” and “hey bear” while the group just stares – either in pure amazement or pure fright.

Anyway, the pilot’s posture and gentle confidence seemed to have done the trick. After making a few passes at the tourists, the bear sauntered away down the trail.

Although the tactics might seem a bit out there, the National Park Service (NPS) protocols by not screaming or running.

(Photos and video via Cara Siciliano in Alaska)

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