Sad shelter pup has never had any potential adopters in 3 months

For the three months that Danny has been at the Merriam, Kansas, Great Plains SPCA, there has not been one phone call, one email or person walk through the door that has ever asked to meet him. And there he stands on his hind legs looking out – just waiting for someone to love him.

“I knew he wasn’t get much attention, but I had no idea that he’s never even been in a room with a potential adopter,” Danny’s advocate wrote on social media hoping to bring attention to the dog’s plight.

Danny has been through a lot and when he first arrived at the shelter, he was fearful and acted out with growls and barks.

“After a slow introduction and many visits to his room, where we just sat on opposite sides, he finally starting trusting me. I could see the happiness in his eyes when I entered his room and the sadness when I would leave.”

Danny constantly looks out of his window and watches the dogs walk through the hallways as they are adopted. Who can even imagine how Danny feels as the dogs walk outside and leave with their new human?

“Danny needs an incredibly patient person with a huge heart to take a chance on him. I promise you will eventually see what I see and fall in love. I will never give up nor will I let him, but we desperately need your help. Please share his story, so we can find his hero.

For more information on Danny, please contact the Great Plains SPCA.

(Photos via Mission Driven Facebook)

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  1. Jan Barnes says:


  2. Bonnie says:

    I have been doing Rescue for like 15 years now. I will never understand how people can do the things they do to any animal. When I woke up today and got on the computer, I seen Danny. I have been crying ever since. This pups life matters ALOT! Alot more than most people!! I will always love dogs more than man. Please adopt or foster Danny. He deserves that happiness as all dogs do. I hope that someone is giving the dogs extra attention. If none of you readers wont adopt or foster, please make time to go see these dogs so they arent so depressed. They ARE wanted, its just that the right person hasnt seen them yet. But in the mean time its impairative to try and keep thier spirits up. ALL DOGS LIVES MATTER!

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    Danny is s gorgeous gentleman. I hope someone local can open their heart and home for him. He needs a family like my family……

    I have 4 rescued dogs right now. They are all very pampered and at the same time, very social with other dogs. They have no problems with new pack members……

    IMHO Danny needs a home where he is accepted and secure…….. only then will he “bloom”…….


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