Sad shelter dog didn’t want to go back inside, breaking volunteer’s heart

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A shelter dog named Georgia desperately wants a family and home of her own. Days ago, she was outside of the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter (in Pennsylvania) when she saw a family leaving with a cat that they had adopted.

Georgia’s friend, Jenn, shared what happened next:

Georgia ❤️🐾
She broke my heart today. As we were coming back from a walk she saw a family leaving with a cat they just adopted. She sat and watched them. She didn’t want to go inside. I sat with her. She needs her family! She’s been there too long!

According to Jenn, Georgia loves toys and blankets, and she is a wonderful walking partner. She does need to be the only pet in the home. After the initial post about Georgia was made, Jenn left another comment, writing:

This post has gotten over 1300 shares! I truly hope that someone comes to adopt her! I want updates to the family that does 😂❤️🥰 Thank you all for sharing! She completely broke my heart yesterday watching that family and I realized how much she really wants to go home. There are many more at the shelter like her. Share them all!!! 🐾🐾❤️

Will you please help Georgia find a family of her own? You can find her adoption profile at this link to the shelter’s website.

(570) 586-3700

967 Griffin Pond Road , Unit CLARKS SUMMIT PA 18411 USA

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