Russian rescue pup fitted with four prosthetic paws paid by donations from animal lovers

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A Russian stray found in the forest near Krasnodar, a city in southern Russian, traveled nearly 2500 miles with animal rescue volunteers to a clinic where she underwent life-changing surgery just weeks ago. Monika, described as a very sweet dog, will soon be ready for her new life after she was fitted with prosthetic titanium paws in an expensive surgery animal lovers donated to in a popular crowdfunding campaign.

According to NDTV, Dr. Sergei Gorshkov, the veterinarian who completed the complex operation, has fitted artificial limbs on more than 30 cats and dogs, including a quadruple transplant on a cat. This was the first time the operation was performed on a dog.

Monika had been found by volunteers – her legs had been bloodied stumps, and no one knew what happened to her. Some think her paws had been cut off as a result of cruelty. Monika, however was a lucky pup, and she ended up in the care of a volunteer. For the last year, Monika had been recovering, but what kind of life was that for a dog? When her foster mom, Alla Leonkina heard about Gorshkov’s clinic, she became very excited for Monika, and started a crowdfunding campaign to raise the approximately $5,400 needed.

Monika’s new limbs were also financed, and the prosthetic legs were made using a 3D printer.

The operation was successful, and Dr. Gorshkov said the young dog’s bones will grow and adapt to the artificial limbs “like antlers on a deer.”

Once Monika recovers, it is expected she will be able to walk into her new home. For now, which is two weeks post surgery, Monika is still weak and tired.

You go girl!

(Photo screenshot via NDTV)

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