Rosie lost her eyes after suffering from glaucoma and is now ready for a home

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At the Hope Rescue Centre in South Wales, a blind two-year-old terrier arrived and because she had been suffering from painful glaucoma, veterinarians decided removing her eyes would be the best way to alleviate her pain and ready her for a new life.

Rosie, originally named Penny, recovered from her surgery and is waiting for a family who can give her lots of love and patience as she learns to navigate in her new world.

As dogs often hold no grudges, Rosie remains very playful and sweet. At her foster home, she has been working with her caretaker and learning cues to help her know what she is walking towards and how to map out her area to make sure she avoids all the bumps and bruises standing in her way.

“She copes amazingly well and is still always on the go, tearing around the garden and enclosed paddock.
Rosie is a terrier girl through and through, she loves to dig, she loves to explore and is very active,” the rescue organization states.
For Rosie’s sake, please no young children under the age of 14 and no small animals such as cats. This spunky little gal would love to be the only dog in the home, but she might very well benefit from being in the company of a calm dog to befriend and take walks with in the park.
Rosie’s adoption listing indicates she is completely housetrained and once she becomes familiar and comfortable in a home can be left for a few hours. When she first arrived at the rescue center, she did have food guarding issues, and she still needs space around things she seems to value.
Yes, Rosie has special needs, but doesn’t she deserve a long life of love and happiness? Everyone is not perfect, and Rosie – except for not having eyes anymore is as perfect as any dog.
For more information about Rosie and the type of home she is looking for please visit:

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