Richland County rescuers reach out to help badly injured puppy whose owners could not afford his care

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At the Humane Society of Richland County in Richland, Georgia, humane agents removed a puppy from his home this week after a concerned citizen spotted a neighbor’s dog outside in the yard limping for at least a month.

When agents arrived, they discovered a seriously injured dog named Sebastian, who had been hit by a car about a month ago, and the owner had not been able to afford to take their dog to a veterinarian for his badly broken front leg. And instead, they had placed a sock over his leg to keep him from chewing at it. It was obvious Sebastian had no feeling left in his leg and had been chewing on it and self-mutilating, resulting in a swollen and infected limb.

On Monday, Sebastian will have his leg amputated. The organization is asking for help for Sebastian, and posted the following for clarity:

“This is not a post to disparage his owner, and it’s not a post to gross you out. It’s a post about Sebastian, quite easily the sweetest, gentlest most chill and loving dog. He is a little less than a year old and we have not met a calmer guy. Once he is healed, he will be perfect and put up for adoption.

If you ever want to contribute to the care of animals like Sebastian and the countless others in our facility, you can donated to our vet, Phillips Animal Hospital at 419.526.4212 and tell them to apply your donation to the Humane Society of Richland County.”

Facebook post from the Humane Society of Richland County

You can also donate directly to the organization by clicking here.

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