Rescuers comfort elderly dog in his last moments after he was surrendered for being ‘too old’

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An elderly dog, surrendered by his family for being “too old,” was given comfort in his final moments thanks to rescuers who pulled him from a California animal shelter. On Tuesday, Leave No Paws Behind posted two photos of the 14-year-old dog, and penned a letter to those who chose not to be with him in his final moments.

The rescue organization writes:

Today we tenderly and lovingly held your little dog Cookie as he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We met Cookie on Sunday, we were at the shelter to rescue another little senior and they asked us if we could help this little 14 year old dog who was just owner surrendered for ” being to old “. They also told us that you told them, along with being too old, he ” sometimes has seizures.”  Now I try my hardest not to be judgmental, I do not know what circumstances led Cookie to the shelter, all I know is that he was clearly at the end of his life, his nails were overgrown, he was as thin as a toothpick and he was obviously very ill.

The poignant post continues:

I can’t imagine what was going through your mind as you surrendered him to die, after all those years with you, alone and wondering on a cold shelter floor. What broke my heart the most however, is what he was thinking as he watched you walk away and was taken to a cold, loud and dark cage by perfect strangers, who I am sure tried to comfort him of his little fears,
Yes, right now this is not about you or your feelings, it is all about a sweet little dog who at 14 years old was left to die alone at a time when he needed you most.

We did not hesitate to help him, he was in a loving home, wrapped in loving arms, he was cleaned up, his nails were trimmed, he was offered food and most importantly, he was assured he was no longer alone and that his life mattered. In the short 48 hours he was with us, he knew only kindness, caring, a tender and loving touch and though we knew his time with us was short, our tears flowed and our hearts broke for this sweetest of little dogs.

Describing the last moments of Cookie’s life:

Today we tenderly and lovingly said goodbye to your dog, the tears flowed as we watched him search for a familiar face and listen for a familiar voice that would whisper to him how much he was loved and how much he was going to be missed and to thank him for his many years of loyalty, however you never came. Today we tenderly and lovingly said goodbye to your dog, we whispered to him how much he was loved, how much he was going to be missed, we told him how much his life mattered and that he was no longer alone and we thanked him for his many years of service.

Ending with:

Even though he was not surrounded by the ones he loved his whole life, he knew he was surrounded by those that loved him and he peacefully took his last breathe in loving arms. Tonight we will mourn the loss of a little dog we were blessed to know for only 48 hours, because you could not be here to say goodbye to a little dog who was devoted to you for 14 years. Please know that he went peacefully, his suffering is over, his broken heart was mended, he is whole again and he was not alone all because we were here when he needed you the most 💔 tw, LNPB

Find the rescue group that comforted Cookie in his final moments here.

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  1. I had an antique store. My mascot was Logan…my best little buddy. He would sit tirelessly at the door waiting to meet the customers. He greeted thousands of people without incident. Logan was also my service dog as I’m 100% disabled veteran.
    I had Logan in my van with a father, 3 year old little boy in the back with Logan. The kid was pulling on Logan and I warned the father to keep his son off of my dog…he just laughed and said he’s ok.
    Logan ended up biting the little boy.
    Time goes on and the police were there to arrest me on two charges…vicious dog (4 year felony in Michigan). After several altercations (respectfully) they pressed charges for lying to police.
    While I was in jail. The arresting cop went to my mother’s apartment after changing into civilian cloths…knocked on her back door….she recognized who it was. So she unlocked to door for him. He grabbed my 80 year old mother twisted her arm pulling it out of socket…plus leaving deep imbedded finger prints on her skin sending her to the hospital. Of course, I threatened the police officer in defense of my mother.
    At my preliminary, my attorney got the filing police officer on the stand. She asked if I was honest with him he said yes I was 100%. Then she asked if he went to my mother’s apartment in civilian clothes and he purgered himself saying “he didn’t go back to my mothers apartment”. Regardless, the judge said their was enough evidence. Just then the prosecutor stood up and asked that my lying to police charge be upgraded to a felony…the judge granted it. Even after the charging officer told the court under oath that I didn’t lie to them.
    Time goes on….my attorney tells me Ill get some sort of probation. Then came to me an said take the plea bargain they’ll drop the vicious dog charges and your dog will be free….the lying police charges will stay and you’ll get probation or something.
    I got 9 months in jail for this. They kept Logan in isolation the whole time, would not let any friends or family see him. They were informing us they walked him twice a day. When I got out ( meaning Logan was in the isolation cell for a year) Logan’s attorney asked me to get a notarized affidavit from the father saying his boy is ok and they should release Logan. The next Monday was veterans day so we were making plans to pick him up Tuesday. Documents were filed and the prosecutor was throwing a fit…waiting for good news. I got a call from logan’s attorney….they just killed Logan. ” They wanted me to let you know dogs in isolation don’t get walked he was in there for the year”.
    Them lying, cheating scumbag pieces of shit. I know all who was involved…everything about them and their families. Karma will be visiting each and everyone of them …


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