Rescuer heard desperate dogs crying in a box dumped in alley

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In the San Clemente area of California, a Good Samaritan heard dogs whimpering in a box; the pathetic cries emanating from an alley where few people ever bother to walk. Oh, so cute, but cute dogs get dumped too.

Suzette Hall with Kim Lavigne and five other rescue volunteers from Logan’s Legacy came to the finder’s aid. The dogs all are in desperate need of grooming, and two of the dogs amy be pregnant. Who could have been so heartless to just abandon these helpless little ones and leave them in a box to suffer? According to Hall, chances are the dogs had belonged to a backyard breeder, who for whatever reason had to get rid of them quickly.

Another one of the dogs is just a puppy, and on Friday afternoon they were all on the way to the veterinarian for examinations, blood tests and baths.

“Finder says they were crying in the box that’s how she heard them. They are all literally giving me kisses right now.”

Suzette Hall with Logan’s Legacy

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Rescued in loving memory of my angel 😇#LH29Forever a eagle 🦅 Joshua 1:9

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