Rescued dog Indie survives harrowing odyssey through busy Queens Midtown Tunnel

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An Upper West Side pooch, who had been rescued from the streets of Kolkata, India just months ago, escaped from her dog sitter last week and had quite an odyssey until she was finally rescued again and reunited with her owner after a long week of eluding capture.

According to The NY Post, she was finally spotted four miles away from her home where she had taken up residence with a bunch of feral cats.

On a social media site for neighbors, Indie had already attracted attention as people reported her “running at speeds never before seen.” And for her official appearance that made her an overnight celebrity, Indie was seen on surveillance cameras at the Queens Midtown Tunnel. Had it not been for the MTA workers who spotted her and stopped traffic and tried to catch so she wouldn’t be hit by any vehicles, the men were able to stop her from “potential injury.”

Indie’s owner, Heather Angus, started checking social media as soon as she was told her dog escaped from the dog walker – noting the various sightings of the dog who had been spotted miles from where she had been walking. Angus posted lost dog posters everywhere, and within the week received a call from a warehouse worker who told her the dog had been there nearly a week sharing space with a feral cat community.

“Indie is found!! She was in a Long Island City warehouse!
The rescue got a call that a guy in a warehouse was working and got startled when something moved in the back. He saw it was a dog and then called the number on the flyer. She DID cross the Queens Midtown Tunnel
Thanks to everyone and I’m planning an Indie celebration and all are invited,” Heather wrote on Bronx & Manhattan NYC Lost and Found Pets.

Zanie’s Furry Friends arranged to pick up Indie and reunite the dog with Heather. Aside from a few scrapes and a little weight loss, Indie survived her odyssey unscathed.

“She came home and ran circles around the apartment and found her favorite tennis balls,” Angus said.

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