Rescued beagle did some rescuing of his own and saved an elderly woman’s life

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In Washington, D.C., an adopted beagle has been credited with saving the life of an 85-year-old woman who had fallen, hit her head and became trapped in the bathroom of her home. The dog named Milo has a heroic story to tell, and it is best recounted through the eyes of his favorite human – Makayla Swift.

According to the Washington Post, Swift had opened the door to take Milo for a walk early last month when the dog bolted across the street to neighbor’s Sherry Starr’s home. The dog scratched at the doors and began to bark loudly. And it was at that moment, Swift heard faint cries coming from the inside of the woman’s home.

Sherry had fallen and hit her head. She became trapped between the shower and the toilet. Thanks to Milo, Swift called 911 and paramedics arrived to help the senior who was bruised, but otherwise not hurt seriously.

Milo’s deed didn’t go unnoticed and rightfully so. When PETA Vice President Colleen O’Brien heard about the rescue, she wanted everyone to know how wonderful our rescued dogs can be and hoped bringing attention to the tiny hero, more people would be inclined to adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue organization.

PETA hopes this story inspires people to consider adopting an animal from their local shelter, where so many clever, loving and tenacious dogs like Milo are waiting for a family to join.”

PETA statement

Of course, we won’t get any arguments about how precious Milo is from Makayla, and everyday the two besties seem to fall more in love. Milo hails from Tennessee and had been put up for adoption by the Humane Rescue Alliance. He’s two-years-old, loved by everyone in the neighborhood and loves everyone too. Who could ask for a better friend? And this delightful boy is a hero!

Milo will receive a framed certificate to display in his home as well as a basket of holiday-themed toys and vegan treats.

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