Rescue says that dog suffering from infected gunshot wound still loves humans

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A rescue agency in Saint Louis, Missouri, is helping a dog recover from a devastating, infected gunshot wound. Stray Rescue of St. Louis introduced Elfrid to their Facebook followers on Sunday, explaining that the injured dog was taken in after they received a call from a good Samaritan who reached out for help.

The rescue organization recounted the correspondence that led to Elfrid’s arrival:

Cassady received an email: “I think this dog has been hit with a hatchet or axe on the back of his neck, he needs help.” Because of YOU, our supporters, we went to get him immediately. We were relieved to find out it is not a wound from a hatchet, but sadly he is yet ANOTHER gunshot victim. As blood and infected tissue oozed and dripped onto the floor from his gaping open wound, he wagged his tail and wanted to sit in our laps.

When Elfrid went to a veterinarian for an exam and treatment, it was determined that the gaping wound had nothing to do with a hatchet attack – instead, it was a weeks old, highly infected gunshot wound. The agency said:

Whoever decided to pull the trigger also deemed it necessary to leave him out in the cold to die an unthinkably painful and lonely death.  But focusing on that act of despicable hatred does us no good.  That anger, resentment, and sadness only detracts from our goal, which is to get Elfrid healthy, to right the wrongs done against him, and find a loving home who adores him. 

Explaining that despite being hurt by people, Elfrid still trusts and wants to love humans:

Elfrid is not afraid to love humans, even after the horrors that people have put him through. He will need weeks of medical care. His wound is so deep and infected that he will need daily bandage changes and deep cleanings every day. But sweet Elfrid is more than worth it. He’s perfect.


Elfrid prefers to spend his time loving and being loved rather than letting pain, betrayal, and suffering eat at his core.  So, is it possible to trust too much?  Does unconditional love make you weak? The answer to both questions is no.  Absolutely not.

After surgery

Elfrid has undergone surgery, and now he is on the road to recovery, with people who want to show him the very best that humans have to offer.

You can read more about Elfrid, and/or make a donation to his rescuers, at this link.

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