Rescue group tried to save injured pup, abandoned in box outside of junkyard

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A rescue group in Detroit, Michigan, did its utmost to save a badly injured puppy who was abandoned in a box outside of a junkyard. The Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue took in the puppy they dubbed Pickles, this week.

On Monday, the rescue agency explained how Pickles was found:

Today we rescued little Pickle who was found crying in a box left outside of a junk yard in Detroit. She was in severe pain and she was not able to stand or get up. We rushed her to an emergency veterinary hospital where she is currently receiving care. Xrays didn’t show any broken bones however the doctors believe that she was attacked by another dog as there are multiple bite wounds some near her spine.

The rescue group was committed to providing Pickles with all of the veterinary care she needed to recuperate and have her chance for a normal, full life. But the best of intentions could not save the grievously wounded puppy. On Tuesday morning, Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue broke heartbreaking news to their Facebook followers, writing:

HEARTBREAKING NEWS💔🐾It is with many tears and a broken heart that we wanted to let everyone know that despite our very best efforts, Pickles wasn’t able to overcome the severe wounds she had sustained. While under anesthesia the vet staff discovered that the bite trauma had caused severe and irreversible damage to her stomach, GI tract and kidney. There was also a significant wound close to her shoulder blade and exposed her spine which was believed to be the reason for her paralysis. We are heartbroken that there was nothing else we could do for her. Rest easy Pickles..your life mattered to us.

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