Rejected puppy climbs atop of his sleeping siblings to nap in heartwarming viral video

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In a viral video of a puppy seemingly rejected from his littermates, the adorable outcast doesn’t get discouraged. The TikTok video shared by Freddie Grogono (@RubberGoooooooose,)shows a litter of golden retriever puppies sleeping in a huddle on the lawn.

And then comes along another puppy – similar in appearance and size to the sleeping litter, but somehow he was left out of the circle of nappers. First the odd puppy out tries to snuggle into the tightly knit group, but that doesn’t work. So instead of being rejected or settling to fall asleep next to the others, this particular pooch piles on top of the the pack to take his spot.

Grogono captured the moment of puppy success titling his video:

“Sometimes you just got to …”

Freddie Grogono

Check out the video:

The video has garnered more than 430,000 likes with 2,172 comments giving their opinions on the puppy’s adorable plight.

Enjoy! We just need more things to smile about, and this little puppy’s antics make it easy.

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