Rare albino buck survives being shot, man calls deer a miracle

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Two years ago, a man named Bryan discovered a rare, albino buck. The man noticed that the buck’s vision appeared to be poor. Earlier this month, in a social media post, he described what happened when he attempted to get the deer to run away:

 I tried to get him to run away from me he didn’t. He just sat there. That day I named him “Pasty Pete.”

People who became aware of the unusual buck reached out to Bryan – asking about Pasty Pete. For the deer’s safety, Bryan kept quiet and did not post any other photos of him. He writes:

He stays pretty close, and he has become so comfortable with me he has got as close as 5 steps from me. He just hasn’t decided it’s okay to walk all the way up to me just yet. Well he’s an 8 pointer this year, and last year I made an effort along with other landowners in the area to keep Pete safe. Let him live, he already is fighting a losing battle with the fact he can’t hide that well.

Bryan describes himself as an “avid deer hunter,” but states that he is not a killer, and he wants this sight-impaired buck to remain safe. This year, Bryan got word that Pete has been shot. He said:

About a week ago I was given the news someone had shot Pete, but could not find him. My heart sank, and I was upset at first but like I said not everyone has the same views as I do and that is perfectly okay. After speaking with the Hunter, I apologized for my instant reaction to it because I could tell it was bothering them as well.

Bryan tried to find Pete, but he was having no luck. He described what he did next:

 With no luck finding him, I decided that since Pete knows the sound of my truck because he will always comes out soon after I leave or get there. I went to where I go and left my truck running for 30 minutes while I did some other stuff. Then I left and low and behold 45 minutes after I left. PASTY PETE LIVES!!!!

Pete had been shot – but he managed to survive. Bryan said:

You can see where the arrow entered and exited his body barely missing his spine. Pete truly is a miracle.

Bryan shared Pete’s miraculous story to raise awareness, and to help keep the special buck alive. He said:

This post is to raise awareness for Pasty Pete again this year as gun season is around the corner.

Pete has a lot of things not normal about him, but he has one thing over every other deer. He is a MIRACLE.

If you want meat, shoot a different deer.


Just don’t shoot Pete!! My son has even grown to appreciate how special of a creature he is.

This post is to not bad mouth the hunter who shot him, or anything of that nature. It is to show that he truly is a miracle. A gift from God that survived an arrow passing through his body. So I encourage everyone help ensure that Pete stays safe and simply


He ended his post with:

I know even that the Hunter feels the same way now, and this is a warning to everyone. I will delete any comments that are negative or calling someone out or blaming someone or anything of that nature. This is simply to spread my own call to action of “Pass on Pete!”

(For Pete’s protection, the state is not being named)

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