Puppy who weighs only 23 ounces born with Hydrocephalus gets his wheels and is on the move

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A tiny custom wheelchair from Walkin’ Pets, a New Hampshire pet mobility company has Toby, the Shih Tzu/ Yorkie puppy on the move. Florida Yorkie Rescue stepped in to help the puppy whose former owners wanted the little guy euthanized.

Toby was born with Hydrocephalus, fluid in the brain, which affected his mobility, coordination and vision.

And so a campaign started on social media to help Toby despite veterinarian emergency visits to stabilize the puppy. Kit DeRoche, the president and founder of the rescue had no intentions of giving up on Toby.

He’s sleeping soundly now. He ate his new diet and he’s had a tiny slice of prednisone. His days are not bad but the nights are awful. This has been going on for a week and I have not slept through the night once since he’s arrived however last night Was atrocious and it was clear to me he was Displaying some profound neurological deficits.

Florida Yorkie Rescue

Walkin’ Pets had been impressed by the pup’s strong desire to live and traveled from New Hampshire to Palm Beach, Florida to meet Toby and prepare him for this own custom wheelchair – the ultimate gift for the adorable pooch. It didn’t take long for Toby to get the hang of moving around, and now he is able to stand and walk on his own. The wheelchair will help Toby build up strength in his front legs.

And along with all that happy news, there’s more! Kit DeRoche decided to adopt Toby.

Check out the video:

Ways to help – please click here.

Why not stop by at the Facebook page of Walkin’ Pets and give them a “paws up” for Toby’s Christmas miracle?

(Photo of Toby via Facebook)

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