Puppy who doggy paddled for nearly 2 hours swept away by strong current rescued by marine police

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At the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia, a puppy named Skip Jack had quite the harrowing experience after he was pulled to the sea by a strong current.

According to the Chesapeake Bay Magazine, Skip Jack had joined his family at the beach near the opening of the Rappahonnock River when the strong current suddenly swept him away. His owner, Krisitn Vonclein and a friend tried to rescue the puppy, but the current was too strong and within what seemed like minutes, Skip Jack disappeared.

Vonclein called 911, and by luck, two Marine Police officers were close by and responded. They formed a grid search and were able to spot the dog’s brown nose off the bow of their rescue boat.

“It was the puppy! The dog was so tired it was barely holding its nose above the water. The rest of the dog was submerged. I don’t know how we were able to see it.”

Officer Terrie McKellips

After pulling the puppy onboard, Skip Jack collapsed from exhaustion. He was reunited with his owner and checked out at the vet where he was truly one lucky pup – exhaustion and a bit sore, but all ended well for the adorable pooch. After all, Skip Jack had been doing to the doggy paddle for nearly two hours.

And a plus – and can we remind all dog owners who bring their dogs to the water’s edge – the officers purchased a new life preserver vest for the dog and gifted it to the Skip Jack.

Check out the Facebook of the Virginia Marine Patrol and give them all an “attaboy” for saving the life of one of our four-legged friends too.

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