Puppy rescued from overcrowded Texas shelter and this is how she had been living

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Eagle Pass, Texas has a small city shelter; it has no website, nor does it participate in social media and is often overwhelmed with dogs and puppies. Meet “Puddin Pup” – she was rescued on Wednesday by Ghetto Rescue FFoundation (GRIFF) with the help of the Buddy Foundation.

Sadly, very few people adopt dogs from the city shelter; perhaps too many puppies are born and just handed out in the community. Soon they are abandoned, left to roam the streets scavenging for food and survival, and when all is lost, they are picked up by the local animal shelter and euthanized. Since the Maverick County city borders on the southeastern border of Mexico, officers patrolling the area find many puppies abandoned in the fields. What chance do they ever have?

Puddin Pup was one of the lucky pups. Beautiful Labrador retrievers, huskies, hounds and beautiful mixed breeds wait at the shelter for someone to rescue them. One of the programs (Loving Texas Pet Assistance) run by GRIFF, share the dogs on social media; Puddin Pup was chosen because she had no chance of ever being saved and loved.

“Look at how she had been living. Do you think people were nice to her? Do you think anyone tried to help her? She is NOT unique, sickly dogs are all over this county. If you don’t recognize them , those are engorged adults and baby, blood sucking ticks.”

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Puddin Pup has been released from the shelter and was taken to the local veterinarian. On Friday she will be transported to a veterinarian in Mexico because the prices are more reasonable and she will be provided with the treatment she needs. Once she is healthy and recovered, she will travel to California where she will need a foster home.

“We look forward to her becoming a happy dog, instead of having to be afraid, running in fear and being skittish. No doubt, she was shooed away because of the way she looks…”


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