Puppy lost for a month in Maroon Bells wilderness rescued

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In a reminder to never give up when searching for a lost pet, a “miracle dog” – a 10-month-old puppy mind you, survived four weeks in the Maroon Bells – Snowmass Wilderness in Colorado.

According to the AspenTimes, the tiny cockapoo disappeared on June 18 while hiking the Capitol Creek Ditch Trail with her human family, Betsy and Jim Chaffin, friends, and two other dogs. Suddenly, the pup, Bella disappeared; somehow she went off the trail and was nowhere to be found.

The family was distraught at the loss of their puppy, and the community came out to help. Although the intensive search proved fruitless, it wasn’t for lack of trying. Missing dog posters, hikers asked if they spotted Bella and daily visits to the area where the pup went missing continued. After 10 days, a hiker had spotted a small white dog getting a drink, but when they approached her, she quickly scurried away.

The family erected a tent with some of their clothes, Bella’s toys and familiar scents hopefully to have guided the pup back to her home.

And then it happened. Four-weeks later Bella was found by a ranch worker not far from the trail where she wandered off. Rosario Ochoa spotted a white pup along the road, and had seen the posters for the lost dog and knew this was Bella. He stopped to pick up the dog, but Bella growled and initially ran away, but after he calmed her down, he was able to pick her up and called the number of the pup’s tags.

Within an hour, Bella was happily reunited with her family.

The 10-month-old puppy had lost half of her weight – from 8 to 4 pounds, had been impaled with two porcupine quills, matted, tired and frightened. She is recovering back at home with her family and is doing well.

Don’t give up looking for your lost pet! Miracles do happen!

(Photo: Courtesy photo, Aspen News)

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