Puppy can’t take his eyes off of Cardi B video in viral Tik Tok clip

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An adorable golden retriever puppy mesmerized while watching a Cardi B music video on television, has gone viral on Tik Tok -it has garnered more than 14 million views since October.

According to Newsweek, the clip shared by SmileGoldenRetriever, shows the young pup sitting perfectly still and staring up at the television; his eyes are transfixed on the screen as the music video “Up” by Cardi B plays. Cardi dances alongside of other scantily clad women rapping the words:

Jewelry on me, flashlight. I been lit since last night. Hit him with that good-good. Make a [man] act right.”

Cardi B

SmileGolden Retriever captures the dog’s apparent interest and captions the footage of the video with,

They grow up to fast [laughing-face emoji]


Be sure to check out the video here and then read some of the hilarious comments. Most have to do with the pup being too young to watch the sexy videos and/or how he might be performing rap dances one day. All in all, it’s all too adorable, and you won’t want to miss any opportunity to smile today.

Aren’t dogs great?

(Photos via freezeshots from Tik Tok)

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