Puppy born different dumped behind a bayou but we think he’s beautiful and help is here

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A four-month-old puppy had been dumped in the Houston area behind a bayou in a pond with nothing but a collar. Sadly, the area where the pup dubbed Gary was found, is a popular area for lost and dumping unwanted pets; Gary’s tearful plight was no different, except this little guy is unable to walk, and he didn’t get there by himself.

According to ThisIsHouston, who rescued the puppy from a local shelter after he remained there for days because he was deformed and no other rescue wanted him, Gary deserves a chance at a happy and healthy life.

Veterinarians believe Gary has a severe congenital malformation of his thoracic vertebrae.

“He looks like he has a ‘hunchback,’ and he has a hump by his shoulder area which seems to be the most painful part. He whines when he is picked up but otherwise, he’s super sweet, eats great and he loves other dogs. He just wants to be a part of what’s going on.”

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The good news is that Gary is not paralyzed and has deep pain sensation. He is able to move his hind legs and has the ability to relieve himself on his own. He will likely need surgery and extensive physical therapy.

Gary will be receiving the best of care. Your help would be appreciated. We will be checking back on this sweet puppy soon.

To donate to Gary’s care:


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Checks: PO Box 2821, Houston TX 77252

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