Puppy attacked by his mom at just a day old making great improvements and we are all loving it

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At a very special foster home affiliated with the Houston animal rescue group, ThisIsHouston, we meet tiny Timmy today. His story is quite unique, and today the future of this one-week-old Bull terrier seems brighter.

This very tiny puppy had been attacked by his mother just a day after he was born. Sadly, he lost part of his rear leg in the attack and sustained a puncture wound in his armpit area. When he arrived at ThisIsHouston, his prognosis was unknown; he was rushed to the emergency veterinary hospital where his condition was carefully evaluated. Because of his age, he was not a candidate to have his leg amputated.

For days after his arrival, Timmy struggled with diarrhea, could not maintain his glucose and was barely eating. His condition had been touch and go, and his survival has been an uphill battle. Fortunately he has been with an experienced foster mother who was able to get him on the road to recovery.

And now exactly one-week later, Timmy has been improving. His glucose has maintained a steady level for the last two days, and he is now eating every one-and-a-half-hours to two-hours. Previously, he had only been taking in nourishment every five to six hours.

We will be checking back on Timmy and keeping you updated.

Check out that mustache!

(Photos via ThisIsHouston)

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