Pup chases car and refuses to give up until couple realized something was wrong

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Martina Russo and her partner Fil had been traveling along the Spanish countryside when they looked out the windows to see a small dog chasing their vehicle. At first, the couple thought the dog was just playing a game – the way some dogs just insist upon chasing cars, but the longer and more insistent the tiny pooch continued with the chase, the more the couple thought there was something very concerning about the situation.

When Martina stopped the car and opened the door to examine the pup for a license or a collar and to give her water, the dog wasted no time and jumped right into the front seat. The couple searched everywhere for her owner; posted online found ads and even returned to the spot where the dog started chasing them – hoping the dog would run home, but to no success.

“We took her to the vet the next day, and it turns out she was not chipped, not spayed, female, about one year old, fur very overgrown and full of gunk around the eyes.”


And so this tiny ShihTzu and Yorkshire terrier mix has already decided she wanted Martina and Fil as her humans and of course vice-versa. She was named Moxie and now enjoys traveling with her family which includes fluffy kitties. Moxie is one loving dog – who loves everyone and makes her humans laugh everyday.

Sometimes there are just no answers to the amazing things that happen, and Moxie’s story is no different.

Check out the video:

(Photos via YouTube and Instagram)

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