Proud pit bull owner shares heroic story of how her dog rescued her son

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Last week, a proud pit bull owner shared a heroic story about how her dog, Charlie, helped save her son from an anaphylactic reaction following a bee sting. Facebook user Candia Merchant writes about how her dog reacted when he saw her son struggling to breathe:

A few days ago my son was outside getting his fishing pole ready for the big day, we were all in the house, Charlie our pit bull was watching my son out the window. Charlie suddenly freaked out, barking and running ramped around us trying to get are attention.

Well we got it, after Charlie running to the window and barking up a storm we looked out to see my son struggling to breathe, unknowing at the time he had been stung and we didn’t know he was allergic.

Merchant was able to get her son the help that he needed to survive because of Charlie’s barking. She praised her dog, and pit bulls in general, writing:

My pit is a hero. He saved my boy (who is 14) these dogs are truly amazing, they are are guardian angels and there are so many of them and us that needs saving. Don’t give up on the breed because you hear stories. Take the time and learn, experience and see just how amazing this breed is cause you never know. It just may be this breed that saves your life or someone you loves life.

Charlie is a pit bull but he is a hero.

(Photo via Candia Merchant/Facebook)

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