Poor dog has been through ‘some darkness’ after witness saw dog being set on fire

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In Los Angeles, California a text message to A Purposeful Rescue on Thursday foreshadowed an unimaginable situation where a seven-year-old dog was seen being set on fire.

According to the rescue organization, the dog now named Eponine has been through “some darkness.”

“Those sad eyes will haunt us. Her nose is crooked and her jaw/neck looks like there’s something wrong…She had to be carried out of the shelter on a stretcher…”

A Purposeful Rescue

Eponine had been at the local shelter in 2017, but was redeemed by her owner. On Sunday, she was brought into the shelter by an officer who had been called about the situation – a dog had been set on fire. She needed more help than the shelter could provide, and was allowed by the shelter to be transferred to an emergency veterinarian hospital.

On Thursday evening, Eponine had arrived at the hospital and resting comfortably with the aid of pain medication.

“The swelling you see on her face and neck is from the burns. Here’s a breakdown of what her treatment is looking like; hydro baths, warm wraps, manuka honey wraps, iv fluids, fentanyl patch + more pain meds etc. She has burns all over her body. Every single part. Inside her mouth, ears, paws, stomach, back, neck, nose. Her bloodwork is concerning (worried about internal organs specifically her kidneys). She will need bloodwork done every day for at least a week and she will likely be hospitalized for at least a month.

We will be transferring her to @asecla tomorrow so she can consult with their critical care there who we know and love and also has a close working relationship with Dr. Cola. She’s got a very long road ahead of her…Huge thanks to the incredible team at @veterinaryangelsmedicalcenter for moving mountains to tend to this sweet kid-truly a special group of people working at this hospital.”

A Purposeful Rescue

As of Friday morning, Eponine will be receiving dialysis – it is her only hope. She’s fighting and not giving up.

Updates to follow.

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