Pooch pirate steals ten pound box of dog treats from front porch

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In Lubbock, Texas, a video shared on Nextdoor showed a dog stealing a ten-pound box of dog treats from a neighbor’s porch. Needless to say, the video has gone viral.

According to a post from Willy Mills, the dog was videoed struggling to drag the 10-pound box while stopping along the way to get a better grip of the coveted merchandise with his mouth.

Whose Pooch Pirate is this?! Dog stole a 10 lb box of Milk Bone dog biscuits off my front porch that Amazon had just delivered.

Willy Mills on Nextdoor

Willy referred to the dog as a “pup-etrator.” One has to admit how humorous the pooch’s crime was since he only stole the box with the dog biscuits.

My dog Willy was excited about all the fuss till he learned it was his bones that were stolen. It happened last week. We’ve never seen the dog before. I got an Amazon text my packages were delivered but noticed the dog bones were gone and checked security cameras.

Willy Mills on Nextdoor

The poster later discovered the dog belonged to a neighbor who lives nearly 1/4 of a mile away from Willy’s porch. The offending dog’s name is Kit-Kat, and on that day the husky had broken out of her fenced-in yard.

Our fence was broken during the wind storm on Wednesday. We fixed it up a bit and I took my two dogs for a walk. Later that afternoon, Kit-Kat escaped and went for a stroll. At some point she found the dog treats and snatched them.

I got a call that someone had picked her up near 70th and Chicago and I went to meet them. She hopped in my van and I brought her home. She showed no signs of having eaten anything and happily ate her dinner that night. I had no idea of the delivery until I saw the video.

Kit-Kat’s owner on Next Door Bekah Elder

Check out the 10-second video.

(News4SanAntonio credit for posting video)

From all the comments at the end of the video, no one seemed angry at the pooch pirate – seems that Amazon could have learned a lesson – package dog biscuits better?

(Photos via Willy Mills and Bekah Elder)

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