Police officer in Kentucky saves pup from drowning in lake

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Near Louisville, Kentucky, a senior miniature Schnauzer is lucky to be alive, thanks to a Charlestown Police Department officer who spotted the pooch bobbing up and down in a lake across from where he lives.

According to WdrbNews, the 12-year-old pup named Sam escaped from his family’s yard this week, after his owner Allen Nolan accidentally left the gate open. Sammy didn’t come home when he was called, and Nolan started to drive around the area looking for his beloved dog.

And then came the call. A local citizen spotted Sammy, but the circumstances were dire. The dog was in trouble – he was drowning, but Charlestown Police Sgt. Adam Clark, had just received the call about the dog and walked out of his home to investigate.

“I saw the little dog pretty much bobbing up and down in and out of the water. So I just took off my vest and firearm and went out and got him.”

Sgt. Clark

Of course, Sgt. Clark was cheered by everyone for saving the dog, but as a lover of dogs and a great human, the officer said he would do the same for any dog.

Sammy has since been reunited with his family, and even though the officer’s boots and cell phone were ruined in the rescue, it was all worth it. Who wouldn’t be surprised if the community all chipped in to purchase the officer a new phone and a pair of boots?

Many thanks to an angel in a police uniform.

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