Police K9 shot by officer’s neighbor after escaping from yard – man now facing charges

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A police K9 in Tennessee, is dead after a man shot him hours after the dog escaped from his handler’s yard, outside of Selmer. The non-profit agency, K9s of Valor, recounted the tragedy which claimed K9 Bishop’s life:

The Selmer County Police Department is mourning the loss of one of their own, four year old K9 Bishop. On Monday evening K9 Bishop, was shot and killed just outside of Selmer, TN. Both Selmer Police Department and McNairy County Sheriffs Department have confirmed he was shot multiple times by a neighbor and died from his wounds.

The neighbor, identified as Travis Sibley, initially claimed that Bishop was shot after behaving aggressively and lunging at him, and his son. The man then changed his story. K9s of Valor writes:

He told police the dog ran off into the woods and was not threatening him. He told police he went indoors to retrieve his shot gun, and the sat and waited to see if the dog would return.
He further told police that the K9 Bishop came back again and he reported firing 3 shots at the dog. As before, hitting the dog twice.

Wounds on the dog’s body indicate that he was not near Sibley when he was shot…and that he was facing away from the shooter at the time.

K9s of Valor writes:

The report says that Sibley was charged with Intentional Killing of an Animal because he was in no imminent threat. He was given a citation and a court date.
The report says that Sibley chose to “handle” this situation his own way instead of calling 911 to report the dog.

Bishop’s death was shared with followers of the popular Team K9 Bishop on TikTok. His handler, Officer Hancock, has said that he will never be the same after losing Bishop.

Additional information from K9s of Valor:

*Note: The charge of intentional killing of an animal can be a misdemeanor or felony. The judge will determine the value and the punishment is based on the same scale as Theft of Property. The value of Bishop, including training will make this crime an E or D felony in Tennessee.
Reporter Burton S. Staggs contributed to this post

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  1. I hope this man is punished to the fullest extent of the law. He changed his story about the shooting and I think it was done intentionally. I hope he is fined as much as possible and sentenced to the maximum prison time for this premeditated crime


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