Police in Las Vegas release body cam video of dogs left in hot car leading to one death

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The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police rescued  three dogs late last week who had been left by their owner in a car at the Walmart parking lot. Two pugs, named Howie and Zachary, and a German shepherd had been panting heavily when authorities arrived. Tragically Zachary later died at an emergency veterinarian hospital.

According to Fox News, another driver spotted the dogs in the car and tried to give them water, but the dogs were too weak to respond. The windows in the car were left halfway down. When police arrived and were wearing body-worn camera video on July 22, the officer removed the dogs from the vehicle and carried the distressed pups to his air-conditioned patrol car.

The outside temperature was 96 degrees – within 15 minutes the interior temperature had risen to 140 degrees. The owner of the dogs, Yean Sia, had left the dogs in the hot car for 49 minutes. She has been charged with six counts of willful malicious torture of animals.

The video has been released by police to hopefully create awareness and thwart heartbreaking situations like this again.

If you see something, say something.

Check out the video:

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(Screenshot photos via Fox News)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Every year this story continues, nobody seems to learn anything from all the horror stories of leaving a dog in a hot car. How can people still be doing this! How can they be so irresponsible. Prayers for the pup that died and prayers the other two find a responsible loving owner to live out the rest of their days!


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