Police hope to identify couple that abandoned mother dog and box of puppies outside of closed animal shelter

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Update 12/23/2021: The Florida couple that abandoned the mother dog and puppies outside of the closed animal shelter have come forward. According to CBS 42, the authorities are not releasing the duo’s names at this time, but they could face animal cruelty charges if the investigation indicates that they are warranted.

Police in Walton County, Florida, are hoping that someone will be able to identify a couple caught on video abandoning a mother dog and 11 puppies in a box outside of a closed animal shelter facility. The Walton County Sheriff’s Office released surveillance video of the criminal act to Facebook followers on Monday, writing:

Just before noon Sunday, a man and woman can be seen on surveillance video pulling up to the Walton County Animal Shelter. The two get out of a white F-150 along with a black dog. After sifting through donations left at the front of the building, the man places a box next to the front door and returns to the back of the truck to close the tailgate. The woman follows and the two leave.

Adding heartbreaking words describing the moment the mother dog realizes that she does not get to go home:

It’s at that moment when the dog realizes she’s been abandoned and left behind.

The shelter was closed to the public on Sunday, but fortunately, staff noticed the dog peering in through the windows – it was approximately an hour before the abandoned mother dog and her puppies were noticed.

The couple should have noticed the “closed” sign on the front door…but it appears that the abandonment was purposeful. The authorities write:

The sign on the front doors reads, “STOP, do not bring your animal inside. For assistance call, (850) 892-8758.”

The good news is that the mother and her babies are warm and safe. As reported by the Orlando Sentinel, the Alaqua Animal Refuge agreed to take the abandoned family in.

Information needed

If you can identify the people in this video, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office at (850)-892-8111.

If you are interested in fostering the abandoned dog and puppies, please click here to learn more.

From the authorities:

If you are having trouble caring for your pets, PLEASE reach out to Walton County Animal Services, Florida. Dumping animals is ILLEGAL and these individuals could face criminal charges. Reaching out does not mean dropping animals off on a day when the shelter is closed and leaving them for dead. It means picking up the phone and allowing Animal Services employees to provide a time for intake and to collect information about your animals.

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