Polar bears kept in small enclosure at new Chinese polar bear hotel

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Polar bears, which should be enjoying freedom to roam in the Arctic, are instead being kept in a small enclosure at a new “Polar Bear” hotel in China. According to multiple sources, the hotel opened earlier this month in China’s far northeastern Heilongjiang province.

The hotel, at the Harbin Polarland theme park, boasts rooms which provide views of the two captive bears 24 hours/day. Wild Welfare, a UK animal welfare charity, has condemned the polar bear hotel, stating:

 “This hotel is akin to a 21st century bear pit. There is absolutely nothing positive to say about a captive animal facility which only caters for public needs.”


These bears appear to have no fresh air, no space to roam, no privacy, no peace, no view and just artificial stimulation.”

Despite the cruel nature of the hotel exhibit, people are apparently eager to book. According to Reuters, the hotel is fully booked through the trial period.

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3 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    This is a horrible situation for those poor polar bears. It looks like animal cruelty to me.

    Zoos look like paradise compared to the “habitat” in this hotel….. not that I am suggesting the bears be placed in a zoo…..

    Ideally these polar bears would be in the wild……. not sure where these polar bears are from or how long they have been in captivity, but there should be a way to return them to the wild (or at least an animal sanctuary)……….

  2. Jan Barnes says:



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