Playful energetic ‘Yoshi’ who once cuddled with his mom no longer wanted when his family truly failed

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For all two years of his life, Yoshi loved growing up with his family and especially the five-year-old child who had been his companion and friend. Described as friendly with female strangers, a bit standoffish with men until he got to know them, friendly with other dogs, tolerant of the many children who came to visit and boom – his family packed up and left Yoshi behind at the Manhattan New York City Animal Care Center. Dogs were not to be welcomed where they moved.

“His big ole’ heart just broke. Now he is at the shelter, confused and scared and shy of all the strangers that surround him. He is trying his best to fit in, but he desperately needs an experienced foster or adopter to give him back the only kind of life he has ever known – being part of a family. His parents have failed him, but we don’t have to.”

Dogs Lives Matter – Saving NYC Dogs

Yoshi loves baths and being, brushed however he is scared when his nails are trimmed. He becomes anxious when left alone and has been reported to have been destructive, vocalizing, urinating and defecating indoors. He is however a happy dog, and his loves include sleeping in bed with his people, cuddling, running and of course some fun at the dog park.

Shelter assessment:

YOSHI, ID# 126244, 2 yrs old, 76 lbs, Male
Manhattan ACC, Large Mixed Breed, Brown Brindle / White
Owner Surrender Reason: Moving
Shelter Assessment Rating: New Hope Only
No young children (under 13)
Medical Behavior Rating: 4. Orange

SHELTER ASSESSMENT SUMMARIES – Date of assessment: 9/30/2021

Leash Walking
Strength and pulling: Light
Reactivity to humans: None
Reactivity to dogs: None
Leash walking comments:

Loose in room (15-20 seconds): Fearful – avoids
Call over: No approach – nervous
Sociability comments:

Soft handling: Fearful – tense
Exuberant handling: Fearful – tense

Jog: Follows handler (low body, fearful)
Arousal comments:

Knock comments: No response

Toy comments: No response

10/3: Yoshi appears fearful and turns away from the helper dog.

INTAKE BEHAVIOR – Date of intake:: 9/29/2021
Summary:: Growled, barked, lunged

9/30: Yoshi was observed to lunge and snap at a staff member who walked by during intake. He has allowed leashing from staff members, however has not yet displayed social behavior.


No children (under 13)
Place with a New Hope partner

Recommendations comments:
No children: Due to Yoshi’s level of reactivity toward select strangers, we recommend an adult-only home.

Due to all noted concerns, the behavior department recommends Yoshi be placed with a New Hope placement partner who is able to provide an experienced, adult-only foster home. A period of decompression is recommended to allow him to acclimate comfortably to his new environment.

Additional notes on Yoshi can be found here.


TO FOSTER OR ADOPT A NYC ACC DOG, PLEASE MESSAGE OUR PAGE or EMAIL US: for assistance. (At this time, due to the global pandemic, the NYC ACC is not allowing direct adoptions in person at their Manhattan, Staten Island and Brooklyn shelters.)

NOTE: You MUST live in NY, NJ, PA, CT, RI, DE, MD, MA, NH, VT, ME or Northern VA. You will need to fill out applications with a New Hope Rescue Partner to foster or adopt a NYC ACC dog. Transport is available if you live within the prescribed range of states.

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