Perfect 7-pound lap dog seems so confused and needs to be back in a real home

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At the Nassau County Animal Services in Yulee, Florida, a seven-pound perfect little pooch waits to be adopted after losing his home. Maleek is frightened at the shelter, but seems to get along with other dogs, however would love nothing more than cuddling on the lap of someone who promises to care and love him.
Please share Maleek’s plight with friends, family and social media contacts. A shelter is hardly the place for this little guy, and we are sure once his photo is shared, adoption offers will be pouring into the shelter’s inbox.
We do suggest anyone interested in adopting Maleek that you arrange to do a “meet and greet.”
Check out his video:
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You can find an application here, Please provide as much information as possible. To save time, appointments are preferred, 904.530.6150.
Nassau County Animal Services, 86078 License Road, in beautiful downtown Yulee, Florida, 32034, near Target, Home Depot and Petco. Shelter hours: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 11 -4, Wednesday 1 – 6, Saturday 11 – 3.

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