Penguin that took a wrong turn, landing 2,000 miles from home, has been released into the wild

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An Adélie penguin, who apparently took a wrong turn on a recent trek, has been released into the wild. The adult penguin, which is native to Antarctica, somehow managed to travel to New Zealand – 2,000 miles from home. Last week, the exhausted penguin walked onto the beach in New Zealand, just south of Christchurch. Harry Singh was there when the penguin arrived, telling NBC News:

“I did not notice any physical injury, but it was tired and hungry.”

Singh and his wife stayed with the tired penguin until staff from a local penguin rehabilitation center arrived to pick him up. A veterinary exam revealed that the long journey had take a toll on the bird, who was extremely dehydrated and malnourished.

After receiving a special diet, care, and rest, the misguided penguin was released into the wild on Friday. No word on why the penguin was released into an area that is not his native area.

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