Ozark veterinarian charged with animal cruelty

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In Ozark, Alabama, a veterinarian was charged with two counts of animal cruelty on Thursday. Dr. Richard Timothy Logan, 65, is alleged to have abused a cat he was treating.

According to the Sacramento Bee, an investigation began in November 2020, and authorities were also made aware of a video posted on social media released in April of the alleged animal abuse. Dr. Logan is a veterinarian at Andrews Avenue Animal Hospital.

In the viral video, Logan could be seen slamming the cat by its head into the exam table, punching the cat and then picking the cat up by its collar and dropping it. Ozark police reported the cat has recovered and is doing well with his owner.

The Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medicine will also be conducting an investigation.

The video can be viewed here.

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  1. You stupid senile cruel old fart, TIME TO RETIRE ! You shouldn’t even be called a vet more like a washed up vet that can’t handle the job , you abused that cat and how many others???

  2. Oh he’s EVANGELICAL for sure! According to these evangelical NAZI’S, God TELLS THEM to beat, rape, sodomize, and starve ANY living being that fights THEIR dominance. It’s TRUE, I grew up in the DEEP south and these FREAKS actually believe that God WANTS them to rape LITTLE girls, kill African Americans and Latino’s, while they TORTURE God’s creatures on a DAILY basis for their own DISGUSTING, putrid sensation of “thinking” they’re in CONTROL. PERIOD!

  3. This behavior by a supposed professional is beyond disgusting. My heart is breaking for that precious little treasure who was so terribly treated. I can’t imagine how terrified this precious little treasure must have been…… this POS should lose his license. He should never be allowed near any animals ever again!!!


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