Owner thought he had 30 dogs to surrender but rescuers took in 119

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At the BC SPCA, the owner of dozens of mixed-breed dogs including terriers, Shih Tzus, Papillions and other small pups, were surrendered last week near his home in Fort Nelson.

“The owners found themselves in an overwhelming situation and reached out for help,” says Marcie Moriarty, chief enforcement and prevention officer for the BC SPCA. “They did the right thing in asking for assistance and the SPCA was happy to support them.”

There was no evidence that the dogs were being bred and sold; no charges have been levied against the owner although an investigation continues. As far as the owner was concerned, he thought had between 20 and 30 dogs which were all living in a trailer on the property. And when three animal control officers arrived to bring in what was thought to be a maximum of 30 dogs, the numbers didn’t stop. The door of the trailer, where the dogs were living, had frozen shut and the dogs were being handed out through a window.

And the dogs kept coming to the tune of 103 adult dogs and 16 puppies. Moriarty says the SPCA provided grooming and nail trims for the dogs, many of whom were severely matted, and has begun treatment for dental issues, hernias, nose abrasions, eye issues, nutritional needs and other concerns. Some of the surrendered dogs are pregnant, and many of them are fearful of human handling and will require ongoing behavioral support.

The fire department and the RCMP helped transport the dogs to the closest shelters.

Veterinary costs for the dogs in the first three days exceeded $14,000.

Please note that the dogs are not currently available for adoption. Once the dogs are healthy and ready to be adopted, they will be added to the adoption site at adopt.spca.bc.ca.

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