Owner staged a bedside vigil for her ‘dying’ puppy only to find out he had gorged himself with treats and was in a ‘food coma’

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Charlie Oliver thought her seven-month-old cocker spaniel was dying, and she was so worried she staged a bedside vigil. Charlie was convinced her adorable puppy, Spud, must have eaten something poisonous after he repeatedly vomited and had become “listless.”

According to WalesOnline, Charlie spent the entire day thinking her beloved puppy was dying, but it was only after Charlie found an empty box of dog treats that she began to figure out the reason her puppy was so sick.

Spud was fine at first, then he became really listless. He was lying down, he wasn’t running about. Then he started to vomit, and he’s never really done that.

Charlie Oliver to GlasgowLive

Charlie called the veterinarian who had her check if Spud’s stomach was hard and then to check his temperature. She was so distraught trying to understand how her energetic puppy could be dying.

In the end, it seems that Spud had devoured a box of 28 chews emptying one full box, and then chewed through another packet with seven more. Although Spud had severe gas – imagine how Charlie had to cope with that, by the next morning Spud was fine and acting like the mischievous imp he always is around the house. Mind you, Spud used to receive one treat a day!

As for Spud’s future adventures of sneaking into the kitchen to find treats, that may have been his last adventure because now the treats are being stored on high shelves. Charlie did say however that Spud’s teeth are white and sparkly – the chewies did their job.

What kind of adventure will Spud go on this Christmas? Dramatics aside and with puppy proofing the house, Charlie loves this happy pooch and we hope they both live long and happy lives.

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