Owner drives three hogtied dogs in the back of his truck to dump at shelter because he said they had harmed another dog

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At the Palm Valley Animal Society in Edinburg, Texas, this week proved to be one of the more upsetting and completely avoidable incidents. The staff and volunteers were shocked when three dogs – Grover, Zong and Mambo were brought to the shelter hog-tied. They had been transported in the back of a truck, unable to even keep themselves from sliding around the truck at every twist and turn.

According to the non-profit, no kill animal welfare organization, the three dogs were traumatized when they arrived; they had swollen and sore feet because their legs had been tied so tightly. Mambo suffers from a severe skin condition and while the other two dogs do appear to be healthy, they are all very frightened and had difficulty standing when the ties that so cruelly bound them, were cut away.

The dogs are currently being evaluated, and at this time there has not been any problematic behavior observed. The medical team has been able to handle them and are providing the dogs with the care they need.

The dogs belonged to a person, who when surrendering his pets contended they had harmed another dog. While that may have been the case, this is no excuse for this kind of cruelty to be inflicted on these dogs. An animal cruelty complaint has been filed and law enforcement is investigating.

Actions of this sort are not acceptable. We must do better as a community. Are your neighbors struggling with their pets? Reach out; offer to help each other. Are you struggling with your pets? Ask for help! There are many resources that we can offer. Speak up; don’t resort to aggressive and damaging solutions to solve your problems.

Palm Valley Animal Society

Check out the resources available at www.pvastx.org/rehome. Donations will help animals like Grover, Zorg, and Mambo and the thousands of others who come through the doors of Palm Valley Animal Society each year. https://www.pvastx.org/donate.

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