Outrage follows return of adopted dog who suffered horrible abuse

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Dog lovers have expressed outrage after photos of an adopted dog, who suffered abuse during the time she was with her new owner, were posted to social media. The dog’s name is Luna, and she was adopted from the Miami-Dade Animal Services facility in Florida. When she was returned to the same shelter by the adopter, she had severe injuries.

On August 9, the Rescue Me Miami Animal Shelter Facebook page explained:

ABUSE AND CRUELTY by an ADOPTER! My adopter from 8 weeks ago abused me. I have burn wounds to both my hind legs, I have severe injuries and the bone is exposed to my right hind leg so they want to amputate it. I was starved and covered in ticks. This is my second time being failed by adopters but this time I was subjected to horrific abuse. My name is #LUNA#A2160727 and I’m 4 years old, 45lbs and despite the abuse I’ve endured I’m still sweet and love humans

In just eight weeks, Luna went from a healthy dog, to one so injured that she will likely lose her leg. She went from a normal weight, to emaciated.

Now, people want to know how this could happen…why wasn’t there better screening by shelter staff? And is the person responsible for Luna’s sad state of health going to be held accountable?

There is a positive update on the Rescue Me Miami Facebook post – Luna has gone to a medical foster home for treatment and care. But the other questions remain…how could this happen, and will anyone be held accountable for it?

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