Ongoing efforts from SPCA International and partners to evacuate Kabul Small Animal Rescue staff and dogs

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Still remaining in Afghanistan is Charlotte Maxwell-Jones, founder of the Kabul Small Animal Rescue and the 130 dogs; the efforts to evacuate the group continues. According to the SPCA International, (War Paws, Marley’s Mutts, Animal Wellness Action and Puppy Rescue Mission), the latest update and debriefing occurred on Monday as the last planes left the country.

To briefly review, the suicide bombing by ISIS-K took place last Thursday, August 26, delaying flights and planes entering the country for the purpose of evacuation. On Monday, Charlotte was forced to leave the airport carrying one puppy. Fortunately, she was escorted back to the rescue shelter seven miles away by the Taliban and is currently in no danger.

Charlotte had been successful rescuing 46 working dogs which have been reported to have left with the military. No information has been released to confirm, however the status of 130 dogs is not clear. All that is known is that Charlotte was informed yesterday to release the shelter dogs at the airport that had been awaiting evacuation in traveling kennels and turn them into homeless strays.

Meanwhile the Kabul Small Animal Rescue is hoping to return to the airport to save their dogs and have since requested bags of dog food be scattered around the airport for the dogs to eat.

On July 14, 2021, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suspended the transport of dogs from Afghanistan and 100 other countries with concerns of the re-introduction of rabies:

Notice of Temporary Suspension of Dogs Entering the United States from High-Risk Rabies Countries.” Through this notice, CDC is informing the public that, effective July 14, 2021, it is temporarily suspending the importation of dogs from:

  • countries classified by CDC as high risk for dog rabies; AND
  • countries that are NOT at high risk if the dogs have been in high-risk countries during the previous 6 months.

An emergency exemption for the rescue dogs had been submitted, however the CDC has not complied even though the House of Representatives rebuked the CDC and subsequently passed an amendment to restore a proper screening process.

It is noteworthy to stress that the cost of the evacuation of Charlotte and the animals had been paid through donations and a charter flight had been secured for that purpose.

To help:

Here is what’s needed:

  • We urge the U.S. Armed Forces not to forget the animals of Afghanistan or the people who care for them. We ask them to share the most up-to-date information on the released dogs in Hamid Karzai International Airport and to work with us on options to remove Charlotte and her dogs after August 31.
  • KSAR needs continuing support. We will continue to work with Charlotte to use every avenue possible to send funding and logistical support. 

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  1. I am very grateful to Charlotte Max -Jones and Pen Farthing for taking a stand for bringing the animals out of a war zone! I have donated and will continue. I hope others do also by sharing posts about their progress and give $$ to their charities. A Reason why is the U.S. Government is not listening to the people in the country! Does not offer help requested or seek solutions to problems effecting animals Domestic or Wild. Petitions signed by the United States citizens on behalf of animals go ignored and most of the time letters written to reps do not even gain a reply by call or email or letter! A Standard reply to the citizen when and if received, will say the Rep agrees and shares compassion for the animals and will vote when a bill comes before him or her. Years go by as bills written to help animals rarely see gains without passage becoming law! Anti Animal testing campaigns and humane organizations and ALDF send out letters asking for donations so they may seek political support for animals. The same concern for passage of the same measures year after year. The donations are sent and no head way results. Animal Testing in NIH funded science dept labs, veterinary Schools and medical Universities continues while alternatives to using live animals are far better and cost effective, equipment supplied free in many cases, yet dogs and cats are still used in horrific manner- rabbits, birds and many other animals also needlessly resulting in the predictable flawed end test data that does not help human health or any! Animals are biologically different from people and the results gained form torturing them is useless to help humans. Many of the experimentation is ridiculously cruel and to no logical or sensible purpose! The researchers throw out test data and start using more animals all over again! Charlotte Max -Jones and Paul (Pen) Farthing have raised the bar! Brought the issue of help for animals front and center! They are brave great people making head way. I am very grateful to them both!


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