Ohio dog missing for 5 days found inside of wall of his home

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In Cincinnati, a dog missing for five days has been reunited with his family after he was discovered inside of the wall of his home. The Cincinnati Fire Department Ladder 20 in Northside realized the dog was trapped inside of the Thompson Heights Avenue home.

The dog had fallen down a crevice and became trapped between the two concrete walls. Fire rescue personnel determined there was no way to get the dog out of the crevice and the only alternative was to break open the wall.

Using a sledgehammer, firefighters were able to break through the wall; Jenny Adkins reached in and helped pull the dog, named Gertie to safety.

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  1. I just cannot believe the small dog got there by herself. I think someone threw her between the walls. So for 5 days the dog never barked, cried and just sat their silently? Something just doesn’t add up.


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